Forensic & Investigative Services

Hampton Technical Associates, Inc. is now offering forensic 3D laser scanning and surveying services to the municipal, legal and insurance communities. Services include forensic mapping and reconstructions of crime, accident and fire scenes for municipal fire and law enforcement agencies and private industry investigators. Our 3D scanning technology accurately collects and compiles complex scene data that is used to support and substantiate an eyewitness or an expert witness testimony. HTA, Inc. operates as part of the investigative data documentation team assisting attorneys, experts, fire and police officials when developing case causation theories and scenarios.

Forensic Services

  • Mapping/Reconstructions: Crime, Accident, Fire Scenes
  • Document and Bank Dynamic Accident Scene Information
  • Reduce Site Examinations / Record Exact Data
  • Look at Crime or Accident Scenes from any Direction
  • 3-Dimensional Visualization