Why Utilize 3D Laser Scanning in a Film Project?

A 3D Laser Scanner is an excellent tool for modeling indoor/outdoor movie set locations.  When utilizing the 3D Laser Scanning technology, an entire movie location can be transformed into a computer generated (CG) set.   The laser scanner’s software produces a digital 3D point cloud where each dot represents survey grade accurate points between which extremely detailed measurements can be calculated for the basis of design, construction, visualization or evaluation.  Film and video production companies can now archive and establish a digital library for this valuable information.  The banked computer generated imagery (CGI) of an entire movie set or location can be used during the current project or in the future for a totally different production.  Additionally, there is a huge cost savings potential by eliminating the need to image model from photographs and to have concept artists and modelers building sets from scratch.


Pre-Production Uses:

  1. Design and Plan Movie Set Construction
  2.  3D Animated Storyboards
  3.  Determine Camera(s) Location and Lens Type
  4.  Plan Complicated Visual and Special Effects

Principal Photography Uses:

  1. Capturing the Positions and Shapes of Props, Which Will Require Digital Extensions in Post Production
  2. Capturing Lighting Positions and Orientations on Set
  3. Capturing and Locating Special Effects Props (Example Being a Demolished Car Added in Later as a Digital Effect)

Post-Production Uses:

  1. Replicate, Design and Layout a 3D Digital Scene, Saving Time and Money
  2. Quickly Determine the Camera Lens Characteristics Used During Rendering
  3. Recreate and Duplicate Complex Camera Movements on Location
  4. Recover and Augment Missing Data Utilizing Digital Camera Reference Pictures
  5. Design Reactive Digital Computer Simulations, IE: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Rigid Body Simulations (RBS) or Rigid Body Dynamics (RBD)
  6. High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) Light Map Positioning