UAS/Drone – Insurance

Unmanned aircraft system (UASs) or Drones are now being used to assist in insurance forensic fire, commercial train derailment and structural engineering investigations and inspections.    Weather related insurance claims can also be quickly and efficiently documented and surveyed using UASs.  Additional applications can include combating workers compensation, disability and agricultural crop-insurance fraud cases.

Example of Uses

  • UASs ability to document commercial fire and accident scenes are unparalleled.  The high definition photographic and 4K video capabilities provide the quality required by forensic engineering experts and investigators during forensic scene analysis.
  • UASs can accurately document and measure a wide range of land types over difficult and sometimes inaccessible terrains
  • Insurance investigators can employ UASs for surveillance purposes during workers compensation and disability cases.


  • The gathered images and video are processed with current software to create the files needed to produce the requested deliverables for engineering, insurance and legal professionals.
  • Employing a drone for documentation at commercial fire and accident scenes is a safer and cheaper alternative to utilizing ground crews or manned aircraft.
  • The ease, speed and amount of quality data collected on-site allows for in-depth analyzation of the information by forensic engineering experts, investigators and law firms.