UAS/Drone – Real Estate

Real Estate companies are now employing unmanned aircraft system or “UASs” to provide a bird’s-eye photographic and video documentation of homes, as well as land and commercial properties.  This new technology provides the buyers and sellers of commercial and residential properties with complete visual data that can be used during the analysis of the structure and property throughout the buying and selling process.

Example of Uses

  • Drone photography can show potential buyers a variety of things by documenting the entire neighborhood and surrounding area, including (but not limited to) the property’s proximity to commercial amenities and transportation networks.
  • Drones are the perfect tool for creating HD video clips and for giving the potential buyer all encompassing aerial views of the entire property.
  • Drones move effortlessly above areas that otherwise can be difficult to access, and they can make elevated imagery much more affordable.


  • Drone aerial photography can instantly demonstrate a property’s profile by documenting the size of a block and where the home or commercial structure sits on the property.
  • Drone aerial photography provides the prospective residential buyer the perspective of where the property is located within the neighborhood and its proximity to parks, public transport, shops and schools.
  • Adding aerial video to a sales kit can drive engagement and attract attention to a commercial property’s profile; in addition, it can highlight the best aspects of a residential home.
  • Clients are looking for interactive and realistic presentations of a prospective property, thus aerial videos can be utilized as a wonderful form of promotion and can greatly increase the chances of closing the deal.
  • A well-made aerial video can serve as a virtual tour of a home or commercial structure.
  • Drone technology will help in establishing your reputation as an innovative real estate company / agent who’s willing to embrace new trends and use this latest innovation to best meet clients’ needs.