UAS/Drone – Architects

Architectural companies are now employing unmanned aircraft system or “UASs” to provide a bird’s-eye photographic and video documentation of land, homes and commercial properties.  Architects currently now have the ability to view their commercial and residential projects from any angle or elevation during the planning, design and construction phases.

Example of Uses

  • Before the start of construction, a drone’s photography and video capabilities can aid the architect during site planning and impact study’s procedures.
  • During the design phase, architects can demonstrate the building’s orientation at different elevations on the property to their clients in real time.
  • Drones can help architects monitor a project’s construction progress on a regular basis.
  • Drones are the ideal mechanism for creating marketing imagery from the HD photographs and video clips.


  • The collected photographic/video data from drones can provide the architect with thorough 3D maps when assembled.
  • Drone aerial photographic/video data can be used to demonstrate all views and angles of a proposed building (including 360 degree imagery) to the architect as well as to their clients.
  • Ongoing monitoring of a project ensures that all stakeholders have the most current information available to them throughout the construction process.
  • Architectural firms can use the drone imagery – documenting the planning, design, and construction to completion of a project – as marketing material for the company’s portfolio.
  • Drone aerial photography provides the architects’ client(s) the perspective of where the property is located within the neighborhood and proximity to parks, public transport, retail shops and schools.
  • Drones are able to capture aerial and elevation photographic/video footage, for much less cost, than using a crane or a manned plane or helicopter.