UAS/Drone –  Applications for Construction Projects

  • Surveying – UAS / Drones can quickly survey your job site and accurately build maps saving your clients time & money.
  • Showing Clients Construction Site Progress – Real time UAS / Drone video and still photographic footage allows your clients to stay current with the status of their construction projects without the need of making continuous visits to the construction site.
  • Monitoring Job Sites – Developers running multiple development sites are embracing drone technology to efficiently monitor the progress, work and safety standards of their various projects.
  • Inspecting Structures – The cost effectiveness of utilizing drones for inspection purposes saves developers’ money on equipment deployment and fixed labor rates.
  • Better Safety Records – Using Drones to regularly survey construction sites allows project managers to view potential employee safety hazards in real time, helping to curtail accidents and project delays.
  • Keeping the Project On-track and On-Budget –  Using Drones to identify the parts of the project that are going off-track, having the ability to prevent any causalities, and rigorously monitoring job sites can aid developers in making timely cost effective adjustments in the field.