UAS/Drone – Construction

Unmanned aircraft system or “UASs” are changing the way construction companies do business.  Contractors are increasingly using camera-mounted UASs to monitor their construction activities.  Drones can be used for site selection, surveying, remote inspection and site monitoring.  These devices provide a way to obtain real-time project data on job progress and can identify potential hazards, safety or quality issues.  The larger the construction site the more helpful UASs can be in monitoring the project.

Example of Uses

  • Photographic documentation locating conduits rebar, etc. during a concrete pour.  Using Photoshop, the generated photos can be overlaid onto as-built plans to determine exactly what is located in the concrete.
  • Real time inspection and documentation of high roofs during construction.
  • Environmental Compliance for project sites.  Erosion, sediment controls and revegetation information captured from a drone can be an invaluable tool for minimizing the need for inspections with authorities.
  • At large project construction sites, drone information can determine how much dirt has been moved or how much dirt has been installed.


  • The UAS follows a programmed path at 35 to 40 mph and will document a large project site in a relatively short span of time, thus dramatically affecting the cost of mapping smaller areas.
  • Various studies show that the costs of using UASs are roughly half the cost associated with using planes or helicopters for the same job site related tasks.
  • UASs are great assets for quickly and easily gathering information on construction sites that will help keep the project on-track and on-budget.
  • The UAS derived photographic / video data can be used in investor or stakeholder communication / reports, project presentations, and for project marketing purposes.